July 2021

Hello there, been quite a while since I’ve updated Ramblings. I suppose COVID had a lot to do with that but I hope this finds you well, under the given circumstances. No matter what your thought process, beliefs or opinions … Continue reading

December 2021

I hope this finds you healthy, safe, and as happy as one could expect to be given the ongoing pandemic situation. Another season, another variant, or so it seems.

My own plans to go back to Ireland in January have been thwarted by the introduction of new restrictions and test requirements over there…perhaps February will see a relaxation of these policies.

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January 4, 2019

RAMBLINGS Hello and Happy New Year, Let’s hope 2019 brings with it new opportunities and new adventures and new optimism, although we all wish for that every new year so let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the … Continue reading