Monday, June 29, 2020

Hello and thanks for stopping by,

Well, here we are smack dab in the middle of 2020, a year that will certainly go down in the history books. The government is in a strange place, the population is in a strange place, the climate is in a strange place, there is a global pandemic, the economy is in ruins, there is social unrest, social anger, social frustration…and to top it off there is sand, from of all places, the Sahara Desert causing air quality problems in many Southern States. And we’re only half-way through the year!

We have yet to endure the trauma of a Presidential Election, which will no doubt be accompanied by counting errors, ballot voting failures, absentee vote confusion, mail in vote fiascos and accusations of abuse, fraud and general wrong doing of epic proportions. One can hardly wait!
I had seven contracts on board Norwegian Cruise ships this year. I completed two earlier in the year, two others have been officially canceled and I’m not optimistic about the other three in the last quarter of the year.
We also had three Ireland Tours scheduled for this year. Both our Irish Castle Tour and Into the West Tour have been rescheduled and moved to the summer of 2021. Our third Tour is the Autumn in Ireland Tour and although it’s still on the books we may reschedule that one as well. We’re keeping a close eye on how the re-opening goes in Ireland over the next few weeks. Thus far it hasn’t been very successful here in America. Our decision will be made in mid-July.

We’ve been keeping busy enough even though we’ve been largely staying at home. For ten weeks myself and three neighbours held a Sunday front porch concert. Each of us set up a sound system and we played songs in the round. Two of the musicians were called back to work and the weather was heating up so we stopped a few weeks ago. We will have another porch concert next Saturday night to celebrate July Fourth. These sessions have been quite popular with the neighbours and are great fun.

I also offer a weekly series on Facebook. It’s called In Song and Story. Each week I perform three songs that are new to me or ones I haven’t done for a while, and I talk a little about the story of the song. I find it very interesting and look forward to bringing a new aspect of these songs to people.
We also did two Back Garden Concerts recently. The first was on Mother’s Day and was in celebration of my 40th year here in America, my 40th year as a professional musician and our 40th Tour to Ireland. It went out live on Facebook and we set up PayPal and Venmo accounts for donations. I was very pleased with the response and we were able to present a check to the local Second Harvest Food Bank from the proceeds. On the strength of that first concert we scheduled a second one. Again, it was quite successful and this week we’ll present another check to the Food Bank.

It’s strange how things change and morph…recently I’ve performed two private back garden concerts locally. A small gathering of 12-14 people make up the audience and the performance is tailored to what the host wants. Very customized. Please keep that in mind, sometime down the road you might like to offer an Evening With An Irishman to your friends. There are several models that can be used. If you decide to do one you can contact me here at the web site, on my Facebook page of by private message on Messenger. I do have a house concert coming up on July 18th here in Savannah. Details to follow.

Whatever happens in the second half of the year I hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy. As they are fond of saying, ‘we’re all in this together’…but really, no we’re not, it isn’t even close! Some are on the brink, emotionally and financially, some are so depressed they may never recover, some have lost everything…family members, friends, businesses, life savings…everything. Please be good to those you know and those you don’t know. Even if it’s a silent prayer or good thought…what goes around comes around.
All the best,

Harry O'Donoghue

August 2019


Hello out there, 

It’s been a little while since I’ve written and well past time for an update so here we go. I hope you had a good summer and that whatever adventures  you were involved in were fun and enjoyable. Same goes for wherever you might have traveled to.

We spent quite a bit of time in Ireland this summer; we had two Tours; our Down the Road and our Celtic Spirituality Tour with Fr. Liam and Mary Collins. Both trips were really terrific, we had great weather, great group members and everything went according to plan with almost no hiccups…what more could one ask for?

Thanks to all who came with us, thanks to all involved in hosting us in our chosen hotels and visits and thanks to our partner and driver/guide Owen for being….Owen
You can find our Into the West Ireland Tour 2020 information here on the Tours page of the website along with the reservation form and please do get in touch with any questions.

As I write I’m in the middle of a fourteen day performance run in Kevin Barry’s, Savannah, Georgia and will be back on stage there in mid-October. Many questions have been asked about the future of the establishment and as of now the answer is that Kevin Barry’s will continue its run as one of the top Irish pubs in America well into 2020 and beyond.

I leave next week to join the Norwegian Dawn in Halifax, Nova Scotia for thirteen days and then transfer to the Norwegian Gem in Boston on September 20 for three weeks and then back to the Norwegian Dawn for six nights before returning home to Savannah on October 19. It’s an odd schedule but will keep me on my toes. On October 20 you’ll find me back on stage in Kevin Barry’s and although not yet scheduled I do plan to perform in Katie O’Donald’s, Bluffton, South Carolina later in the year.

 Work has begun on my 2020 performance calendar and with that in mind please contact me with respect to performing at private events, community concerts, festivals, house concerts or to customize a private Tour to Ireland.

And not to forget I have a new compilation CD just out “Far Away Places” Some old songs and several “new” ones! 

Take care out there and I’ll see you somewhere along the road.


February 24, 2019



Just a quick update to let you know that we have a new event planned for March 9th in Savannah. It’s called Celtic Ceol Feis and will replace the popular Tara Feis, one of Savannah’s premier outdoor Festivals, which ran for 26 years before losing City funding last year. The format will be a little different, but the focus is still to bring a family friendly Irish cultural event to Savannah each Spring. The headline act for this, our first Celtic Ceol Feis will be The McLean Avenue Band, a terrific music group from the New York City area and led by Mullingar native Padraig Allen. We will have the two Savannah Irish schools of dance on stage, a performance by harpist Tracie Brown and I will host and perform for the event. It’s a beautiful setting in Emmet Park on Bay Street in downtown Savannah and this new event will rely on local and international sponsors as we move forward. My thanks to all involved.

This is a busy season for me and to find out about my all of my performances including my matinee at the Averitt Center for the Arts in Statesboro, Georgia on March 9th, and the Tybee Post Theatre on March 14th please check the calendar on my website.

 We have two seats still open on our Down the Country Ireland Tour in June and two open on our Celtic Spirituality Ireland Tour in July. Information, itinerary and reservation forms can be found on our Tours page.

As the Irish season approaches may I wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and all activities associated with this time of year.

Best for now,


January 4, 2019


Hello and Happy New Year,

Let’s hope 2019 brings with it new opportunities and new adventures and new optimism, although we all wish for that every new year so let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best in our own personal situation. Last year was a strange one by many counts and for me it was a busy and difficult one, so I’m looking at 2019 to offer a tad more normalcy whilst still being exciting. But then, as my mother used to say, be careful what you wish for!

My performance work with NCL continues this year with several sailings on the Norwegian Gem and the Norwegian Dawn in August, September and October, with sailings from New York City and Boston. The dates are listed here on our calendar and Cruises pages and any additional sailings that come in will be promptly posted there also.

We have two Ireland Tours planned this summer, our regular annual Tour and a Celtic Spirituality Tour with Fr. Liam and Mary Collins. Both Tours will visit Ireland’s South West and the full itinerary, price and reservation forms are on the Tours page here on the website.  As of this writing we still have several seats open on both Tours and we’re quite pleased with the number of people who have already signed on.  Both trips promise to have a nice amount of members without being too big. Should you have an interest in joining us or have any questions please do get in touch.

At this point in my career I’ve decided to stop performing in general Irish bars, due in part to the fact that the ‘model’ for an Irish bar has changed. There seems less interest in music and culture and more of an emphasis on sports related events. Over the course of my career I’ve been blessed to perform in some absolutely wonderful establishments all across America, from Buffalo to Key West, Philadelphia to San Diego and I hold in my heart precious memories of my journeys. I’ll still be found on stage in Kevin Barry’s, Savannah, Georgia on a regular basis throughout the year and also a few performances in Katie O’Donald’s, Bluffton, South Carolina. These dates are listed on our calendar page.

Other performances, all currently listed, are fundraisers, house concerts, church events, small theaters and the occasional festival.

I’ve recently had an event canceled due to construction and find that I have an opening on the first weekend in March…which is a first! It’s prime time for an Irish entertainer so, again, please get in touch if you have something in mind.

At this point I would like to say thank you for all of the kind words, thoughts and prayers on the passing of my brother Joseph last October. It was and continues to be a painful time for our family.

May 2019 offer all that you ask of it and hopefully our paths will cross out there. Be safe, be happy.

All the best,

Harry O'Donoghue

August 26, 2018


It’s been quite a while since the last update, sorry about that.

We enjoyed two wonderful Tours over the Summer and our traveling companions were a delight. Both our Scotland/Ireland and Ireland only Tours were a great success and our thanks to all involved.

We are planning two Tours again next Summer; our annual O’Donoghue Tour will visit Ireland’s Southwest and midlands and Fr. Liam and Mary Collins will offer their Celtic Spirituality Tour once again. Information on both Tours can be found on the website Tours page and we are currently accepting bookings for both.

I’m off later this week to perform on board the Norwegian Dawn for five sailings, the first two from Boston to Bermuda and the other three from Boston to Quebec, Canada. I’m looking forward to seeing some good friends on board and hopefully some familiar faces among the audiences.

At this point in time I’m still performing regularly in Kevin Barry’s, Savannah and less regularly in Katie O’Donald’s in Bluffton, South Carolina. I am currently taking bookings for the 2019 calendar year and have thus far secured my dates with Kevin Barry’s, The Savannah Irish Festival, St. William’s Irish Night, Norwegian Cruise Line, Musical Explorers, and several others.

Should you be interested in an O’Donoghue performance for a group, fundraiser, house concert, community event, singer/songwriter showcase or speaking engagement please get in touch through this website, my Facebook Page, email or phone.

The Green Island Radio Show will shortly enter its 27th broadcast year and things seem to be running smoothly, and the show has a strong following…my thanks to all who listen and to all at GPB for  keeping us out there.

In keeping this ‘short and sweet’ I’d like to hope that all is well in your world and I also hope that our paths will cross again soon.

 Be well, be happy,

 All the best,



January 7, 2018


Good day to you and thanks for stopping by,

We’re just thawing out from a rare winter storm here in Savannah. We received quite a bit more than a dusting of snow and because we are ill prepared to deal with such weather we’ve enjoyed a few days of sitting in, watching telly, eating sumptuously, drinking to the point of excess and generally doing little or anything of value or importance…and here’s the kicker…no guilt! None, none at all…we simply could not go out, iced in, snowed under, impossible to drive, improbable to walk…what could one do in such a circumstance? What indeed? Loved it, it was wonderful, but we live here in the South, so enough already, we’re tired of it after just three days. Bring on the sunshine and warmer weather please. We’re forecast to be back in the 60’s by Tuesday, perfect for the second week in January I should say.

As we bid farewell to 2017 I must recognize that last year was the busiest I’ve ever been in this business. I got to perform at some terrific events and for some wonderful people, organizers and audiences alike…thank you one and all. I performed with Norwegian Cruise Line a total of sixteen weeks last year and although the traveling and being away from home was tedious the experience was great. I was in Alaska for the first time and also in Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baja California, Central America, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Jamaica, the Caymans, Mexico, the Canadian Maritimes, Quebec and Puerto Rica. To even look at the list now is exhausting but I’m glad I was invited to perform with wonderful entertainers and work with enthusiastic and professional technicians and crew members. Thank you one and all and thank you NCL.

We took three Tours to Ireland last year and I’m delighted to say that each was a success. I spent five weeks at home in Ireland with these Tours and although Traci and I put a ton of work and effort into these trips it was, and always has been a joy to bring people over to my homeland.

We have two Tours going this summer. The first is a Scotland/Ireland Tour beginning on July 1st …we’ll spend four days in Scotland and four in Ireland and we’ll travel between countries on the new modern ferry from Cairnryan, Scotland to Belfast, Ireland…a sailing I always look forward to.

Our second Tour is ‘A Road Less Traveled’, beginning on July 18th. This Tour features eight nights in Ireland, visiting the West coast and North Midlands, with stops in Bunratty, County Clare, the Cliffs of Moher, Roscommon, Galway City and lots more. As always on our Tours we will stay in finely appointed hotels including the beautiful Kilronan Castle.

Information, registration forms, terms and conditions and the fully daily itinerary is to be found on the Tours page here on our website. Should you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with myself or Traci by phone or email or on Facebook or Messenger. We’ll be happy to answer any queries or concerns.

A few weeks ago I signed with a talent agency, a first for me even though I’ve been in the business for over 37 years. The reasons for seeking out and signing to a talent agency are simple…new adventures, new cruise lines, new experiences. I look forward to working with the members of TAD as we move forward.

I continue to perform in Kevin Barry’s, Savannah, Georgia and feel obliged to mention that after working there for 34 years it’s still the best Irish pub I’ve ever played in and it’s an honour to continue to do so. The only other pub that I perform in is Katie O’Donald’s in Bluffton, South Carolina. I’m there four or five times a year and it’s always great fun.

The demise of Irish Pubs as we knew them back in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s is sad indeed.  They were less sports bars back then and were more attuned to Irish music and culture. I’m not at all suggesting that there are not some wonderful Irish Pubs scattered around, there certainly are. But as we traveling Irish musicians get older and the owners and managers of the   pubs retire or get out of the business something is being lost. They say what goes around comes around and I hope that’s the case. I hope to see some younger musicians latch on to the vast catalogue of Irish folks songs and then re-discover and revive them in their own style.

For me I suppose I have subconsciously moved on already. It was nothing contrived but opportunities presented themselves over the years and I found myself and my performances changing and evolving. While I miss the old days and playing all over the country in pubs filled with character I relish the challenge of performing with a symphony or a fund raising event  or in concert, bringing not only music but Irish humour, history, culture and storytelling to new audiences. I’ve been very lucky and I’m thankful every day and I look ahead with wonder and curiosity at what 2018 and beyond will bring.

On Georgia Public Broadcasting our show The Green Island Radio Show trundles merrily along, now going into year number 26. Thank you for listening and if you haven’t…well, well, c’mon now..!

Most of our music inventory is current, I’ve recorded over 14 albums thus far in my career…we don’t have all but we do stock most. We are offering some nice specials here on the website. And we have these terrific ball caps with the O’Donoghue logo…I say that because I collect ball caps and have become disillusioned with what’s being offered as I travel around…mass produced, ill-fitting baseball caps…not worth it no matter how cheap. I found a great cap at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda a few years ago. It’s light weight, supple and a nice fit. I bought a couple and had Bahama Joe’s here in Savannah find them, order them and personalize them. We have two colours: navy and yellow.

Right so, this is a longer update, longer than I thought it would be as I sat down…but there you go, that’s life.

I hope 2018 brings with it all you wish for including good health, a hearty helping of happiness and ample time in the company of family and good friends.

Best for now,

Harry O'Donoghue

Harry O’Donoghue signature

November 2, 2017


Hello and thanks for stopping by,

I hope this finds you well, happy and healthy. Life is, for all of us it seems, very busy. There is much to do and seemingly little time to do it. Because I’ve been performing with Norwegian Cruise Line over the last several weeks I have not been glued to the television set, which is a truly wonderful thing. The negativity is rampant and doesn’t make any of us better human beings.

We are delighted to offer three Tours in 2018: the first is a Scotland / Ireland Tour on July, the second is our annual Ireland Tour on July 18 and the third a Celtic Spirituality Tour with Fr. Liam and Mary Collins on July 30. All information including pricing, daily itinerary and reservation forms can be found here on out Tours page. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

As I mentioned I’m performing quite a lot with NCL and I’m enjoying the audiences, crew and fellow Guest Entertainers immensely. Thanks to all.

As I’m heading for the airport when I finish here I will make this mercifully short and say Happy Thanksgiving later this month and promise to write a more detailed Ramblings next time.

Again please email or Facebook message me with any questions and a big ‘Hip Hip’ for the Green Island Radio Show as it celebrates 25 years on the air this month.

Best for now, see you out there,

Harry O'Donoghue

June 25, 2017



I hope this finds you well. Summer is upon us once again and it’s heating up here in the American South East. I’m looking forward to heading off to Ireland in a few days with our 2017 Tours. We have three in all and I look forward to traveling the length and breadth of Ireland over the next few weeks showing folks the beauty of my homeland.

We’ve been working diligently to put in place our 2018 Tour and I’m pleased to say that we have it all together. You can check out the O’Donoghue Rugged West of Ireland Tour 2018 (temporary flyer) here on the website and I will also post it on my Facebook page. We will be accepting deposits and sign ons upon our return from Ireland in early August.

I’ve been performing quite a lot with Norwegian Cruise Line this year and the second half of the years looks to be more of the same. I’ve been working with NCL since 2001 and I must admit I enjoy it immensely…great folks to work for. My contracted sailings for the rest of the year are on our calendar page here on the site.

I’m also enjoying performing in Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub in Savannah…more now than ever. The venue continues to inspire me and it’s an honour to stand on that stage. Kevin Barry’s was voted Most Authentic Irish Pub globally last year and the competition, held in Ireland, continues again this year. They have added more categories and I would encourage you to please copy and paste the following link and cast your vote.    https://www.irishpubsglobal.com/awards-night-2017/   

I dare not comment on the social and political atmosphere in the country for fear of getting ostracized, chastised, or both…so I won’t!  The polarization continues unfortunately…but I for one am still very happy to be living in these here United States. This country has given, and continues to give, much to immigrants like me and I’m forever grateful.

The Green Island Radio Show celebrates 25 years of continued broadcasting on GPB this November and I’m delighted to have been at the helm through the years. Long may it continue.

I have re-issued my compilation album Folksinger , it’s available at my shows or here on the site. I fear the death knoll is sounding for the compact disc format…there may be but a few years left…and then…well, it’s anybody’s guess.

I also re –issued my O’Donoghue ball caps…I love ‘em, but then again I love ball caps. They have my logo on the front and are available in two colours, navy and yellow.

I also, for a lark, ordered some Groan Humour  ball caps. I sell them largely on the Norwegian contracts when I engage in more of the silly Murphy and O’Brian humour. Let me know if you are interested in having one.

That’s it for now, be careful out there. Be respectful, politics notwithstanding, have a good summer and I’ll hopefully see you on the road somewhere or out on the open water.



January 3, 2017

 Hello and Happy New Year,

 As we set off into another blue horizon we hope that 2017 will be a good year in many ways. We’re experiencing some political, social and economic turmoil at present but hopefully sane minds will prevail and our ship will be righted eventually. There has been, and continues to be, much discussion and heated debate about the current state of American and world affairs but this is not the format to engage such issues so I will leave it there. I do have hope however…

As I write this my bag is packed and I leave for San Juan, Puerto Rica tomorrow to join the Norwegian Breakaway until February 12th as she sails the warm climate of the Caribbean. I look forward to being back on board and my only regret is that I cannot be part of Joanie Madden’s Irish Cruise in February on board the Norwegian Escape. Cabins are still available on her cruise.

I’m also scheduled to perform on board the Norwegian Dawn for her April 23rd repositioning cruise from New Orleans to Boston and later in the year, on September 22nd on her Boston – Quebec sailings. Again I very much look forward to working with NCL and performing on board their ships.

In February I will be part of the 25TH Savannah Irish Festival  and as the ‘Irish Season’ approaches I’m ready for my various concerts, fundraisers, clubs, one night events  and of course Savannah’s annual Tara Feis Irish Festival in March. My full schedule can be found here on the calendar page of our website.

This summer we are delighted to present three Irish Tours: the first is an Irish Pilgrimage with Monsignor Edward Dillon of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Atlanta, the second is a Celtic Spirituality Tour with Fr. Liam and Mary Collins and the third our own annual tour, this year embracing Irelands South…it’s called The Southern Charm Tour. Again all related information is to be found here on the Tours page of our website.

The Green Island Radio Show continues to grow in popularity and it remains one of my favourite things to be involved in. You can listen on any GPB member station or online each Sunday night at 9.00PM, EST and at 10.00PM, EST on Wednesday evenings.

As a diversion and just for something different I’m trying to learn French. I did study it in school and feel it’s time to brush up and add to my understanding of this beautiful language. Time will measure my success.

I hope to embark on some new writings in the coming weeks. I’m not quite sure what the final goal will be but it has been suggested that some of my humorous and poignant offerings may be worth committing to print…again time will be the judge.

Thank you as always for your  support in this ever changing world…the journey continues, yours and mine. I hope to see you out there somewhere.

All the best,

Harry O'Donoghue

Harry O’Donoghue signature

October 24, 2016



I hope this finds you well. We’re now in the autumn of the year and it’s almost Election time. Much has been said about this election cycle so there is little point in me adding my two cents worth. I’m scheduled to leave town in two days and must vote early, all of which leaves me in quite the quandary, nonetheless I’ll steel myself and off I will go tomorrow morning. I haven’t lost hope like many of my fellow citizen…still the horizon has looked much brighter, shall we say.

Our Ireland Tours were very successful this summer and we have packages together for two Tours in the summer of 2017. Information and full itineraries may be found on the Tours page here on our website. Reservation forms can be downloaded here also or we can email or surface mail all of the information to you or friends and family…please just let us know.

In 2017 Fr. Liam Collins offers a Celtic Spirituality Tour and our own Tour is Called Southern Charm. If my math is correct these will be our 39th and 40th Ireland Tours and we’re delighted to once again work with our Irish driver/guide and business partner Owen Mohan. Please look through the Tour information and contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

It seems that I’m performing more with Norwegian Cruise Line these days and I must admit I am enjoying it very much. I join the Norwegian Dawn in Boston this Friday, October 28th as she repositions to New Orleans for the winter. We’ll head south and stop at various islands in the Caribbean on the way. On January 2nd I will join the Norwegian Breakaway and once again sail towards the islands where I will transfer to the Norwegian Gem. They have me island hopping between these two ships until February 12th and then it’s back to Savannah to perform in Kevin Barry’s and at the Savannah Irish Festival.

In the interim Carroll Brown, Marci Shore and I will be on the road with our annual Celtic Christmas Tour. Details to be found shortly on the schedule page of our website.

On November 19th I will perform a concert in the Roasting Room in Bluffton, South Carolina. This concert will be more intimate and contain a lot more personalized material than my usual concerts. I hope people will find time to come join me for this one off event.

The Green Island Radio Shows continues to grow in popularity…even after 24 years. It continues to be a highlight of my career and I thank all involved.

I’m still working diligently on the reissue of my album Folksinger. It should be available at the end of the year or early in 2017.

That’s about it from my world…oh, except that I hope to study French in the next few months…will it take? Whonoze?

Thank you for your continued support and best of luck, best of health, may your God go with you and may your candidate win!!

Harry O'Donoghue

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