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Once again I have dropped the ball with respect to the Ramblings updates and once again I offer my apologies. It seems I’m getting old, not so much in being tardy with these updates but more in observing the world around me. As a society we are willing to live in a world with much less decorum than before…or so it seems to me.

Oh, sure we’ve come a long way in our civil liberties, our right to live and let live, free speech, bear arms etc.  We live longer healthier lives, for the most part, have made great strides mechanically, technically and electronically and we are now very far beyond anything our grandparents might have dreamed.  But we’ve lost things too.  Take TV for instance. Live television now presents us with front row seats to a daily barrage of garish, tasteless shows, foul language, bad grammar, banal, sometimes idiotic commentary, and mind boggling opinions from guests and presenters dressed and primed and coiffed like they were attending the ball of their lives.  It’s nuts! What has happened to us?  Violence rules on TV and movies, sex is rampant on the most popular cable shows, our world famous super stars perform in what was considered years ago to be bedroom attire, our kids stroll around in lounge wear (read, pajamas) sloppy shirts, trousers and shirts rule the day and the new fashion for ladies is leggings…so tight almost nothing is left to the imagination. Some of these new items of clothing should come with a mirror if you get my drift.

What happened to tailored clothing…suits, pants, sports coats, jackets, dresses, and skirts, casual trousers…chosen to add class to the person and to the occasion. What happened to personal grooming, what’s wrong with being neat? See, I’m just getting old.  But they say what goes around comes around so you’d never know…!

Up until yesterday I was quite enjoying the Presidential Election. We’re all fed up with the status quo and we all want change, but our politicians seem diligent in their resistance…and so we have the 2016 free for all.

The candidates are like spoiled little brats in a schoolyard hurling insults and vulgarities at each other, it surely is something of a spectacle…however, from this fracas will, apparently, emerge the President of the United States of America and the free world…huh?

Right so, all that being said let’s move along. It’s been very busy these last six months…our Celtic Christmas Tour was successful. I had a blast performing with the Savannah Philharmonic on their Holiday Pops Concert in December.  I had what can only be described as a delightful time performing with Norwegian Cruise Line in January and February down in the islands. As usual I met some terrific entertainers, passengers and staff. My thanks to Sue Carper in Miami for affording me the opportunity to work with NCL these last fifteen years.

It was once again terrific working with Seamus Kennedy, Brendan Nolan, Roger Drawdy, Carroll Brown and Tom O’Carroll at the Savannah Irish Festival in February.

I’m in the middle of my concert season and I look forward to my upcoming performances at Tara Feis on March 12th along with Ciaran Sheehan, Cathy Maguire, Gabriel Donahue , Vonnie Quinn, the Savannah Ceili Band and the Savannah Philharmonic Chorus.  On St. Patrick’s Day I will be at Katie O’Donald’s in Bluffton, South Carolina during the day and in Kevin Barry’s that night along with Frank Emerson and Carroll Brown.

On March 19th I perform at Christchurch Episcopal in Dublin, Georgia and the following week I’ll be back on stage in my very favourite listening room…in Kevin Barry’s, Savannah, Georgia.

Please check out our calendar page for my full schedule.

The Green Island Radio Show is going very well and we have added many more listeners to our already sizeable audience. We air on Sundays at 9.00PM with a repeat on Wednesdays at 10.00PM on all 18 Georgia Public Broadcasting member stations, and online at The show has been running since 1992 and we have now well over eight hundred episodes.

Our two O’Donoghue Ireland Tours are sold out this year and we will begin planning the 2017 tours soon.

It’s not too late to join us on Joanie Madden’s Irish Cruise on May 28th. We sail north from New York City on board the Norwegian Gem with a host of Irish musicians, singers, storytellers and dancers.  Check out the cruise website at:
Please visit my website: or my Facebook page if you have time, and leave a message, question, suggestion or inquiry about an O’Donoghue performance.  Thank you for your continued support and I’ll see you out there.

All the best,
Harry O'Donoghue



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