June 25, 2017



I hope this finds you well. Summer is upon us once again and it’s heating up here in the American South East. I’m looking forward to heading off to Ireland in a few days with our 2017 Tours. We have three in all and I look forward to traveling the length and breadth of Ireland over the next few weeks showing folks the beauty of my homeland.

We’ve been working diligently to put in place our 2018 Tour and I’m pleased to say that we have it all together. You can check out the O’Donoghue Rugged West of Ireland Tour 2018 (temporary flyer) here on the website and I will also post it on my Facebook page. We will be accepting deposits and sign ons upon our return from Ireland in early August.

I’ve been performing quite a lot with Norwegian Cruise Line this year and the second half of the years looks to be more of the same. I’ve been working with NCL since 2001 and I must admit I enjoy it immensely…great folks to work for. My contracted sailings for the rest of the year are on our calendar page here on the site.

I’m also enjoying performing in Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub in Savannah…more now than ever. The venue continues to inspire me and it’s an honour to stand on that stage. Kevin Barry’s was voted Most Authentic Irish Pub globally last year and the competition, held in Ireland, continues again this year. They have added more categories and I would encourage you to please copy and paste the following link and cast your vote.    https://www.irishpubsglobal.com/awards-night-2017/   

I dare not comment on the social and political atmosphere in the country for fear of getting ostracized, chastised, or both…so I won’t!  The polarization continues unfortunately…but I for one am still very happy to be living in these here United States. This country has given, and continues to give, much to immigrants like me and I’m forever grateful.

The Green Island Radio Show celebrates 25 years of continued broadcasting on GPB this November and I’m delighted to have been at the helm through the years. Long may it continue.

I have re-issued my compilation album Folksinger , it’s available at my shows or here on the site. I fear the death knoll is sounding for the compact disc format…there may be but a few years left…and then…well, it’s anybody’s guess.

I also re –issued my O’Donoghue ball caps…I love ‘em, but then again I love ball caps. They have my logo on the front and are available in two colours, navy and yellow.

I also, for a lark, ordered some Groan Humour  ball caps. I sell them largely on the Norwegian contracts when I engage in more of the silly Murphy and O’Brian humour. Let me know if you are interested in having one.

That’s it for now, be careful out there. Be respectful, politics notwithstanding, have a good summer and I’ll hopefully see you on the road somewhere or out on the open water.



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