July 05, 2013


I hope all is well with you as we get into the full blast of summer. It’s a bit steamy here in Savannah but no temperature extremes like elsewhere in the country so we’re thankful for that.

We leave early in the morning to join up with our Thistle and Shamrock Tour. It officially begins on July 10 in Edinburgh, Scotland, but before that I will spend some R&R time in London and Paris. I believe the weather over there has taken a turn for the better and I hope it lasts for the duration of our visit. We have a full complement of people on this Tour and it promises to be a lot of fun. In addition to our regular Tour itinerary we will attend a Scottish night, complete with piping, dancing, singing, and the ceremonial entrance of the haggis. Last time we did this I found that I actually liked this Scottish delicacy and had more than one helping. Some among us asked at the time… “What’s wrong with you?”

We are still in the planning stages for two Tours in 2014. Late April – early May should see us in Italy and in early August you may find us in Southwest Ireland. Hopefully I will have these Tour packages ready by early August this year.

I have enjoyed some wonderful audiences of late, both on land and at sea with Norwegian Cruise Line. I do want to thank NCL for believing in me and continuing our professional relationship. I also want to categorically state that Kevin Barry’s is amongst the best, if not THE best Irish listening room in America. I never tire of performing there and in many ways this venue has defined me. Thanks to Vic and all the staff, customers and fellow entertainers who soldier on, year after year…long may it last.

On a personal note, the year to date might have been a bit kinder but if life was easy we’d all just be a bunch of wimps…and so the challenges continue.

My next performances will be in Kevin Barry’s from July 29 – August 3 and then my long awaited date at the St. Simon’s Lighthouse, GA on Sunday, August 4. This event was called off three times last year…all due to weather…fingers crossed this year!!

The Green Island Radio Show on GPB continues to be successful and it never ceases to be rewarding co-producing and hosting the program.

My friend and one time singing partner Gerry Mulroy is on the last leg of his cross America by bicycle trip for cancer…congratulations.

To those amongst us who have had recent health setbacks, anniversaries, birthdays and remembrances for those who have moved on, I offer a silent thought and prayer.

Thanks, as always, for your support.

You can find me on Facebook or out there in the cyber world. Should you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would like to invite you to leave a comment, thought or suggestion on our Guestbook page if you have the inclination.

Take care of yourself and enjoy the Summer.

All the best,

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