January 30, 2013

Hi and welcome to my cyber newsletter,

Thanks for stopping by. As we move into the second month of the New Year things are looking and feeling good. Interestingly, it would seem that after 32 years in the music business 2012 was my busiest year ever. While ever thankful for the continuing success, last year was almost too much to deal with. From the get go I had difficulty finding my stride and through the entire year I felt as if I was trying to catch up. Still with three Tours to Ireland, various new concert settings, a Celtic Christmas Tour and a very successful trio of cruises with Norwegian Cruise Line, I felt as if I learned so many new things…even at this stage in my career…and to say that I met some unbelievable characters would be the understatement of the year.Comedians,hypnotists,musicians,impressionists, vocalists, actors…and the list goes on to include technicians, stage hands and audiences that were beyond kind in their response. It was a memorable year indeed. Unfortunately the thing that fell by the wayside last year was my songwriting. I find that I need to have time to unwind and empty my mind before the songwriting process can begin and there simply was no time for that in 2012. Hopefully I can find time to get back into writing this year.

My regular performances at Kevin Barry’s in Savannah, Katie O’Donald’s of Bluffton, South Carolina, The Shannon in Buffalo, Paddy’s @ Chateau Elan, Nolan’s of Cocoa Beach and Tommy Condon’s of Charleston are confirmed and on the schedule, as are my concerts in Macon, GA, St Williams on St. Simons Island, the Savannah Irish Festival and more. The schedule changes all the time so please check or get in touch with me should you have questions.

Our Thistle and Shamrock Tour has over twenty members thus far and we are well pleased with the Tour package. It promises to be a terrific time and we look forward to being in Scotland again. We’re also delighted to have procured the services of our friend Owen Mohan to drive us for the whole Tour. You can go to our Tour page here on the website for the full itinerary and details.

The Green Island Radio Show, now in its 21st year, remains a popular offering on the Georgia Public Broadcasting network. We also have a healthy listenership online every week. Thanks for the continued support.

I’m off to Miami this weekend to join forces with fifty other musicians as we sail away on Joanie Madden’s second Folk ‘n Irish cruise. I’m looking forward to catching up with Mary and Francis Black, Tommy Sands and of course Joanie herself as well as Gabriel Donohue and a host of others I have not yet met. Bring on the sunshine.

My young cousin Colin O’Donoghue continues to broaden his acting chops and appeal as he stars in the ABC show ‘Once Upon a Time’. He does make quite the dashing Captain Hook.

I look forward very much to spending time with my beautiful and talented friend Cathie Ryan when she comes to Savannah for the Irish Festival on February 16 -17. She truly is a gentle and profound spirit.

Tara Feis is proud to feature the talents of the traditional group Runa on Saturday March 9 in Emmett Park, on Bay Street in downtown Savannah. Dublin musician Tom O’Carroll and his wife and magician Debbie will also perform at the event. It’s a family day with Irish dancers, a children’s stage and a non- alcohol event that’s open to everyone and it is free.

I hope to work on the old Terra Nova recordings this year and release a limited number of the complete studio recordings on compact disc. It’s a work in progress and we will try to get the best sound possible for the old master tapes and records.

That’s it for now. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions and if you have time leave a message here on our Guestbook page or on my Facebook page. It’s always lovely to hear from you. Thank you, as ever, for your support through the years and God bless.

Harry O'Donoghue